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TP: We do it with dancing dwarves.
Because ain't no winter like a late Vermont winter
'cause a late Vermont winter don't stop.

Winter not stopping, under the cut.Collapse )

This year was very year-like.

TP: the arm is watching you.
I'm pretty over 2013 as a year, y'all. As the very wise evilsupplyco said, "If 2013 was an enemy, realize it is almost dead and you are yet alive. Show the corpse to 2014 as a warning."

/me shakes 2013 menacingly

/gives it a kick for good measure

But on the plus side there were books.Collapse )


TP: the arm is watching you.
Eat, Sleep, Ride: How I Braved Bears, Badlands and Big Breakfasts in My Quest to Cycle the Tour Divide:

On closer inspection the town consisted of no more than a crossroads, the branches of which were populated by half a dozen motels, a couple of diners, a post office and two gas stations with convenience stores attached. And JR's Taxidermy Studios ('Mounts on Show!'); just as long as they hadn't taken to stuffing cyclists. It ill behoves (sic) a rider on the Tour Divide to moan about such a broad array, but somehow Lincoln's practical benefits were outweighed by its sombre ambiance. The forest seemed to have thickened again and its tentacles had enveloped the town.

Synopsis: Paul Howard really wants to be Bill Bryson, and disdains fat people, Americans and hippies. But he did ride 2,800 miles on his bike once.

He's no Jill Homer, that's for sure.Collapse )

Compulsive nerd confession #13

TP: the arm is watching you.
I never manage to read enough recently published books to feel justified in voting in Best of The Year contests like the GoodReads 2013 awards. Then I go over to look, just in case, and my TBR pile explodes.


TP: Audrey is pleased
Work. It was worklike, then it was bananas, then it was super-extra bananas with the full split and marshmallow sauce (Me: "That's it, I've had it. I am taking 12 full hours off!" Everyone sane: Um.)

But I'm reading again now, so the likelihood of needing to bury people in the garden is decreasing.Collapse )
I'm a rocker. I rock out.

(I totally sniffled at the end. All hail the empty office, baby.)


TP: the arm is watching you.

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