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Perspective, thou art a shovel to the head.

I Hear Shiny Lights in My Pancreas

18 July
I'm well over 18, y'all.

"For me, one of the most fantastical and fascinating things about Norse myth is the way it all works as allegory. This guy is Fire, and this guy is Wind, and this other guy is Frost, and this woman is Sea, and this woman is a Bloody Wave-Crest, and this guy over here is an Asshole. ...Literally. It's all about holding an uncollapsed wave form in your head. The cat is alive and dead; Fenrir is chained and he is howling the end of the world; Loki is Odin's blood-brother and he is his greatest enemy. And the fact that all this stuff contradicts itself is just part of the magic. Considering how very little of the literature survives, we have no idea at all what we've lost. This is not a tidy linear little mythosphere. It's a brawling mess of intentional contradictions and hard-drinking heros who may very well be villains the next time you meet them. And oh, I love it so." -- Elizabeth Bear

“She snorted with a sudden violence which twenty-four hours earlier would have unmanned me completely. Even in my present tolerably robust condition, it affected me like one of those gas explosions which slay six.” –PG Wodehouse